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Performance duration


November 23, 2016, Tokyo, JT ART HALL Affinis
Conductor: Ryuta Nishikawa
Mixed Chorus ‘Ku'

Year of composition


Chorus (3 groups)

Commentary (English version)

Human society is made up of the activities of various people, groups, organizations, and companies. Some of these activities are clearly reciprocal, while others, seemingly separate and unrelated, are actually connected in ways we cannot see. This work is a simplified version of such human society, which I composed as a musical work.

In this piece, the mixed chorus is divided into three groups.
The first group mainly makes noisy sounds.
The second group sings in a normal voice.
The third group mainly speaks the text of the title, "Aggregate," which is taken from the descriptions in the public domain dictionaries Webster's Dictionary, 1913 and The Century Dictionary, 1911.
The three groups are basically independent of each other, and there are sections where any one group appears alone, or where several groups appear in parallel, as the music progresses.

And in this piece, Nonsense madrigals III.The Alphabet and Lux Aeterna by Ligeti György, "Ha venido" Canciones para Silvia and ¿Donde estás hermano? by Luigi Nono are quoted in some parts. In some parts of it, the independence of each of the three groups breaks down, and in other parts, the three groups change into the three groups plus the group that sings the quote (i.e. four groups).
At first glance, the individual groups are doing different things, but when viewed as a single musical work, I aimed to create a single (sound) aggregate that can be grasped as a result of the intertwining of what each group is doing.

Commentary (Japanese version)

​​ 人間社会は様々な人、グループ、団体、企業等の活動によって構成されています。それらの活動は明らかに互助的なものもあれば、一見バラバラで無関係そうに見える活動も、実は見えないところで繋がっている、ということもあります。この作品はそういった人間社会を簡略化して音楽作品として作ったと言えます。

 第3グループは主に、題名である"Aggregate"という言葉について、パブリックドメインの辞書のWebster’s Dictionary, 1913 と The Century Dictionary, 1911.に書かれている説明文を引用したテキストを喋ります。
 また、曲中では、Ligeti Györgyの Nonsense madrigals III.The Alphabet と Lux Aeterna、 Luigi Nonoの “Ha venido” Canciones para Silvia ¿Donde estás hermano?. が引用される部分があります。その中では、3つのグループのそれぞれの独立性が崩れる部分や、3グループ+引用を歌うグループになる(つまり4つのグループになる)部分があります。



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