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Der Zwischenraum zwischen dem fast transparenten grauen filmähnlichen Etwas


Commissioned by Kei Kondo

Performance duration


January 23, 2021, Tokyo, Hokutopia Pegasus Hall
Kei Kondo, Horn

Year of composition



Commentary (English version)

The sounds and minute changes that is difficult to perceive in the extreme silence.

I moved into my present parents' house before I was in elementary school, so I have lived here for a long time, but I recognize that the view from the balcony has basically remained the same. The old apartment building a short distance away, the elementary school I attended, and the Tanzawa Mountains and Mt. Fuji in the distance all stand tall and unchanged, and exist in my memory with the perception that this is roughly what the scenery looks like.
By the way, I'm currently studying in Graz, so I travel back and forth between Japan and Austria. When I come back to my parents' house in Japan from Graz, I look at the outside scenery from the balcony and suddenly notice that it is slightly different from what I remember. For example, there is an unfamiliar roof, or the color of the walls is different. Of course, there must have been some construction work in some houses since you lived there before, so if you look at it on a long time scale, the scenery must have changed in some way little by little. However, such changes are only a small part of the scenery, so you probably didn't notice them or forgot about them. It is also possible that the scenery in your memory is being updated subconsciously because of the gradual changes. From this, I realize that the "view from the balcony" in my mind is naturally ambiguous. At the same time, I find that there are many changes in the world that I am not aware of. This piece is based on these realizations.

Many of the pieces I wrote in 2019 were based on my interest in changes in time and space in music and the perception of those changes, and this is one of those pieces that was thought the concept in 2019, but also based on the interests I just mentioned. Also, I was negative about music during this period, so I can feel the influence of that in abundance. As time goes by in 2020 and 2021, my thoughts on music have changed since 2019, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the present me confronts the past me. (From the plagram notes of the first performance)

Commentary (Japanese version)








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