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Eine Schlucht aus grauer Stille und Zeit

Commissioned by keikoushiryou

Performance duration


"Concert of selected music by Ten Goto"
December 25, 2021, Tokyo, Musica Salon FORESTA
Ryuta Iwase, Bass clarinet; Karin Tozaki & Shiho Nakano, Percussion

Year of composition


bass clarinet and 2 percussions

Commentary (English version)

The main purpose of composing this piece is to put my recent compositional interest, that is the relationship between sound and silence and the transformation of time and space in compositions that emerge from those thoughts, into practice, and observe the results.

The materials used in this piece consist of soft sustained tones of various durations (some with crescendos and decrescendos), soft short tones and silences (rests) of various durations in between. Some of these are very long sustained tones and others are very long silences. In addition, there are a few repeats. Using these materials and characteristics, I put the above into practice and observed the results. How did the audience or listeners perceive time (and, in the case of live music, the transformation of space)?

The Austrian composer Klaus Lang said that sound is time made audible, that Musical material is time perceived through sound, the object of music the hearing experience of time. (excerpt from das atmen der zeit., translated). Whether listening to the sound of short notes one by one, or the acoustic changes created by the overlapping of many notes, the listener might sense time and its changes by listening to the duration (length) of various sounds, and make it their own experience. This could be what music is all about. By referring to these opinions, I wanted to consider the experience of time in music, and in addition, the transformation of space.

Commentary (Japanese version)



オーストリアの作曲家であるKlaus Langは、音は時間が可聴化されたものだ、音楽の素材は音を通して知覚される時間であり、音楽の対象は時間の聴覚的体験である、と述べております(das atmen der zeit. より抜粋、意訳)。その意見を参考にして、音楽は時間芸術であるということについて考えてみると、短い音が一音ずつ鳴っていくのを聴くにしろ、多くの音の重なりで生まれる音響の移り変わりを聴くにしろ、聴き手はそこで様々な音の持続(長さ)を聴くことで、時間やその変化というものを感じ、己の体験とするということが音楽であると言えるかもしれません。私はこうした意見を参考にすることで、音楽における時間体験、それに加えて空間の変容というものを考察したかったのです。


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