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Performance duration
20’ and more


August 3, 2019, Tokyo, Ftarri
Momoka Kihara, Dancer, Choreography; Osamu Shikichi, Dancer, Choreography;

Shunsuke Azuma, Violoncello; Takahiro Kuroda, Violin; Noriaki Mori, Saxophone

Year of composition


any number of dancers. any number of instrumentalists

Commentary (English version)

This piece is for any number of dancers and any number of instrumentalists (including singers). Each dancers and instrumentalists will have to come up with six movements and six instrumental techniques on their own (no exaggerated movements or loud noises allowed), read some instructions that accompany the score, understand the score, which contains only numbers, repeats and pauses, and perform for at least 20 minutes. Each dancers and instrumentalists don't have to perform the same movements or musical acts; each performs in his or her own sense of time. But they can see and hear each other's movements and sounds, and react to them, or even match their actions.
As the title "Imperturbability" implies, the intention of this piece is to always keep a calm mind and to perform each performance unfazed no matter what happens.

Commentary (Japanese version)



―Realization in Live Concert on August 1, 2021 (Video recording)

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