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for violin, bass clarinet and piano (2023)


for three performers with smartphones (2023)

for Flute and Clarinet in Bb (both amplified) (2022)

für Klarinette, Violoncello und Klavier (2022)

für Bassklarinette und zwei Schlagzeuge (2021)

für Violine, Klarinette und Klavier (2017)

for breathing and motion of Trumpet player and Vibraphone player (2017) 

Shear in printing

for Electric Guitar duo (2016)

for Trombone duo (2015)

for 5 instruments (2015)

for Tenor Saxophonist and 7 players (2013)

for Trumpet and Guitar (2013)

for Treble-Recorder without head joint, Melodica and Violoncello (2013)

for Alto Flute, Violin and Contrabass (2012)


Vocal and Instrument(s)

для сопрано и флейты (2022)

pour voix de femme et guitar (2016)

for Soprano, Oboe, Viola, Piano and Tape (2014)

for Shōmyō (Japanese Buddhist chant), Renaissance percussion and Tape (2014)

Vocal and Instrument(s)
Video works

Works including Dance

for Dancers and Video (2022)

für Bassflöte, Bassklarinette und Akkordeon mit einigen Tänzern und Tänzerinnen (2021)

for any number of dancers and any number of instrumentalists (2019)

for dancer and 9 instruments (2017)

Works including Dance
Works on the Internet

Works on the Internet

 —Study with mouth, finger, screen and room (2020)

for violinist, their motions and their expression (2020)

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