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Multi Processing II


Commissioned by Azabu Alumni Orchestra (amateur orchestra)

Performance duration

August 10, 2014, Tokyo, Nerima Culture Center Coliseum (First Hall)
Conductor: Masato Suzuki
Azabu Alumni Orchestra

Year of composition

2222 - 2200 - timp.perc(2) - str(1st group: - 2nd group: - cb: 4)

Commentary (English version)

According to "Digital Daijisen", the title, "Multi Processing," refers to "the execution of multiple programs in parallel by a single computer or computer network.
According to " Dictionary of Digital Terms," it is "the use of multiple CPUs to perform processing simultaneously."
In this piece, the music is seen as a computer or CPU, and as if running multiple programs in parallel, there are many parts where multiple pre-prepared musical ideas, each with its own unique texture, are arranged in parallel as the music progresses. The quotations from the third movement of Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony and the third movement of Dvorak's Cello Concerto that appear in the piece are also considered as parallel programs. The reason for the quotations from these two works is simple: they were included in the program of the concert where the work was to be premiered, and since it was a concert of an amateur orchestra, the audience was not people who were familiar with contemporary music on a regular basis, so I was conscious of (or tried to be) easy to understand.

Commentary (Japanese version)
 タイトルである"Multi Processing(マルチプロセッシング)“はデジタル大辞泉によると、



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