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Scenery and ornament

Performance duration

December 8, 2015, Tokyo, 2nd Hall in Tokyo University of the Arts
Conductor: Ryohei Mori
Chamber Orchestra by students of Tokyo University of the Arts

Year of composition


1111 - 1110 - perc - hp - pf(2) - str( - assistant performer(4)

Commentary (English version)

Have you ever had the experience as a child, when you were absent from elementary school due to a cold, lying at home in a daze, that time seemed to move slower than usual, or that the ticking of the hands of a clock or the sounds of daily life or noise in the house seemed to be louder than usual? Remembering this experience from my childhood, I decided on the way the time would pass and the materials to be used in this piece.
To explain in detail, when I was composing this piece, I tried to structure the whole piece in such a way that it would have a musical time progression (a way of development) that would be making little progress. As for the materials used, there is almost no use of normal techniques, but mostly noises made by so-called extended techniques. I also used the sounds of household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, shavers, hair dryers, etc., as materials, based on the word "daily life sounds," which is one of the starting points of the concept of the piece mentioned above.
Lastly, as a side note, since the time I made this piece, I have begun to think that I am more comfortable making slow-tempo music rather than so-called up-tempo music.

Commentary (Japanese version)


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