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Two bows

Performance duration


February 3, 2015, Tokyo, Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall
Takao Hyakutome, Violin

Year of composition



Commentary (English version)

Limited material. Material that develops, changes somewhat, or does not develop.

I was in my first year of graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts when I composed this piece. At that time, I was very interested in developing new techniques and trying to create my own unique music by using them fully. The violin is played with a bow in the right hand and the strings are held down with the left hand, but in this piece, player has two bows, one in the right hand and one in the left hand, and the sound is basically produced by manipulating each bow in the left and right hands (There are a few exceptions where pizzicato is used). The violin should be placed on a table and held in place with a belt, for example.

Now, the material in this piece is not much and is limited. As the music progresses, some of the material will stay the same, some will change a little, and some will change a lot. The part that performs the pizzicato mentioned above is used as an interjection.
The instrument itself is also muted (this is the mute that is usually used), and it is always played softly until the last section. However, just before the final section, the mute is removed and the instrument suddenly begins to produce a loud and noisy sound. This process of suddenly releasing what had been restricted is perhaps one of the major characteristics of this piece.

Finally, as a side note, making this piece made me realize that I prefer small sounds to loud ones. At the same time, I think this piece was the beginning of the restrictions I have been trying to impose on my compositions by limiting the materials.

Commentary (Japanese version)



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