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von Grau umrahmte Stille


Commissioned by Satoko Inoue

Performance duration

March 6, 2022, Tokyo, Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall

Satoko Inoue, Piano

Year of composition



Commentary (English version)

This is the first piece that reflects my post-2021 thinking and interest in "thinking about the existence of sound and silence and their relationship, as well as my interest in the presence and transformation of time and space in compositional works that arise from that thinking."

When a drop of water is placed on a piece of white paper or tissue paper on a desk, the wetted area becomes darker and appears grayish in color. This is simply because the amount of light reflected has been reduced by the wetness. When the water soaks into the paper or tissue paper sufficiently, the parts that were not visible due to the paper or tissue paper become visible through them.

This piece was composed in 2021. When composing this piece, I imagined the space of the performance hall as white paper or tissue paper, and the sound as a drop of water. I was composing this piece with the image of transforming the space little by little according to these images. That is, this is how I imagined it: by placing the sound in the space like a drop of water on a piece of paper or tissue paper, the space as the paper or tissue paper becomes wet and its color becomes darker, furthermore, as the space becomes wetter and wetter, the other side of the space becomes transparent.

Sounds and silences are invisible and pass away, but what the listener hears/feels is stored in his (her) memory as an experience, consciously or unconsciously. Now, do the listeners feel any difference in the space they are in before and after listening to this work? I wish, we can hallucinate the transformation of the space as sounds are placed and accumulated over time.

Commentary (Japanese version)






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